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Product Description

Archive your Commodore floppies (and CMD HD partitions) to your contemporary PC, without the hassles of external parallel ports, IRQ settings, special adapters, bulky cables, or the alphabet soup of disk drive cable adapters.  ZoomFloppy replaces all X*-1541 cables with a simple USB-based hardware device guaranteed to work with today's machines using today's multitasking operating systems.  Simply plug into any free USB port, connect your CBM drive via a serial cable, and transfer data to or from your software collection. 

Product Features

  • Attach any CBM serial device to your PC, including printers
  • Works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Open Source solution, no vendor lock-in
  • Active development community
  • Minimal footprint, no external power supply needed
  • Parallel access hardware support

NOTE: ZoomFloppy requires an IEC cable (sold separately), an IEEE cable if using the IEEE version and targeting IEEE drives (sold separately), and a USB to mini-USB cable (available at many computer stores). 

More information is available at: http://www.go4retro.com/products/zoomfloppy/.

Stocking Note: The non-IEEE and the IEEE version differ only in the presence or absence of the IEEE connector.  That said, they are stocked as two separate items and we are sometimes out of one or the other. If the IEEE version is out of stock, we can often solder connectors to the non-IEEE version, but the reverse is not true.  Thus, if the non-IEEE version is showing as out of stock, please consider the IEEE version or check back, as we try to keep both in stock at all times

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Product Reviews

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  1. Could not be happier. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2017

    I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship and the ease of use of the ZoomFloppy. I found this product after discovering my prior solution (X1541 cable) would not work with my modern computer. The last time I connected my 1541 drive to a PC was almost 20 years ago! While I dabble in PCB design and manufacture I do not have the equipment to work with surface mount devices so making my own USB adapter was going to be a no go. You cannot imagine my delight when I discovered this product. Not only did it provide a serial -> USB interface but it included a paralell interface as well. So I ordered one and patiently awaited its arrival. It works flawlessly. Literally my only issue with it was having to find a mini-USB cable. I had to dig around for a bit.

  2. Absolutely awesome! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2017

    I always looked for a product to write my D64-Images to real floppies, but nothing really worked - until I found ZoomFloppy. This product just works like a charm, fast and reliable. An absolute must-have!

  3. If you use floppy disks, you *must* have this product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2017

    If you are a serious C64 user, you are probably using a floppy drive. Before purchasing the Zoomfloppy, I was using D64IT on the Commodore to transfer .d64 images back to floppy disk from a uIEC device. (Takes around 30 minutes, and forget trying to create a disk from a .nbz or .g64) With Zoomfloppy connected to a 1571 I can create and backup floppy in less than a minute. (Some in 30 seconds!) I'm able to create disks from .nbz originals meaning that I can put the original disks back in my library. (Copy protection and all) I'm no longer worried about loosing a disk to wear and accident, as I can restore it back from a backup using Zoomfloppy in moments.

  4. Works well, check your BIOS settings 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2017

    I had this for a while before it would work for me. It identified my 1541 drive, but I couldn't get it to read a directory with cbmctrl. cbmctrl status worked intermittently.

    I assumed my 1541 drive was bad, so I replaced a bunch of parts on it (7406, 74ls14 and both 6522 chips). Finally, I thought of trying the ZoomFloppy on another computer. It worked fine. I went back to the original PC and messed with the BIOS settings related to the USB port. Disabling USB 3.0 in the BIOS did the trick.

    None of this is meant as a complaint. When you get out your old Commodore hardware, you're starting an adventure. The ZoomFloppy is superior to the old PC parallel port transfer cables. I'm happy I bought it.

  5. There are no words... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2017

    ...that can describe the moment I saw that my over 30 years old floppydisks were read out without any errors. :-) After an easy setup the Zoomfloppy works absolutely perfect. The opencbm commands are easy to use in an own program or script, so I wrote a small script to read out the disc to *.d64 and the listing of the directory to an *.txt file. All works fine, so thanks a lot to the people who don't let the C64 (and others) die and build so wonderful things like Zoomfloppy.

    Greetings from Germany, Cologne

  6. Zoom Floppy is an affordable solution that works well. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2017

    Very fast and easy to set up. Connects your Commodore drive to your PC via a USB connection. It allows you to write .D64 images or PRG files to your 5.25" floppy disks -OR- allows you to make .D64 archives from your original floppies.

  7. The "Goto" product if you want to recreate disks, or archive existing ones. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2017

    I'm using this product with the 1571 and standard IEC serial connection. It's amazing just how fast a disk image can be read or written for 5-1/4 floppy disks. I had a few initial problems with the unit which were quickly determined to be software glitches caused by using an older version of nibtools (be sure you get the latest version from here: http://c64preservation.com/files/nibtools)
    Totally worth every penny.. Amazing work!

  8. Fast & reliable data transfer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Dec 2016

    I have bought the zoomfloppy to save the discs from my father - who died 4 years ago - for sentimental reasons. And I must say I was surprised how fast the transfer works, especially using the NIB tools together with the 1571 floppy drive which allows also to copy protected discs in a reliable way. Meanwhile I fitted it in a nice small housing to prevent damage to the electronics.
    So: Thumbs up from my side !

  9. Its magic - a time machine! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Nov 2016

    I am not sure when I last bought a product without a case. Maybe just before my first Mac in 1989.

    But I have seldom been so excited about a gadget - after all this is the equivalent of a time machine: all my old 5 1/4 disks that had been sitting in my parents' basement since I got that first Mac were magically brought back to life again and seeing all those games, self-written programmes and homework, I suddenly turned 16 again.

    This thing rules. The kicks I get from accessing my old 1541 drive from my macbook air are priceless.

    ...only possible criticism: the blue led is really bright, flashes crazily and thus makes Zoomfloppy an interesting gadget for my 9 month old twins - it nearly died a painful death by little, drool-wet fingers.

    In other words: if you got to the point where you are asking yourself whether you should buy this or not, there can only be one answer: you have old disks, you NEED Zoomfloppy.

  10. Great product, but missing documentation for the IEEE bus 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2016

    Installation was no problem. Two IEC floppies (1541 and 1541-II) where detected instantly and I could format, write an read floppy disks.
    But is was some afford to get the IEEE-488 bus running. There is no information about this in the documentaton. Finally I found the hint on the internet, that IEC and IEEE can not be connected at the same time. When I disconneted the IEC bus and restarted ZoomFloppy and the 8250 floppy in the right order, the 8250 was detected.
    Everything works fine now.

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